Bar Ratings – Highly Qualified, Recommended and Endorsed by a Broad Range of City, County and State-wide Organizations.

“Mike Mullen is one of the most honorable, intelligent, fair-minded and good-tempered lawyers I have had the pleasure to work with throughout my career. It was an honor to try cases with him – and any lawyer should be proud to appear before him as a litigant. I support his judicial candidacy without reservation.”

-Prof. Michelle Madden Dempsey

Michael Mullen has been highly rated by Cook County and State organizations. The Women’s Bar Association of Illinois gave him their highest recommendation. The Illinois State Bar Association, the Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois and the Chicago Bar Association rate him “Highly Qualified”. Mr. Mullen is also rated “Highly Recommended” by The Decalogue Society of Lawyers (America’s Oldest Jewish Bar Association) and “Recommended” by the Cook County Bar Association (America’s Oldest Bar Association of Black Lawyers & Judges).


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